My First Experience With Crystals

I remember when I got my first own crystal. It was a piece of amethyst very beautiful.

After I bought it at the shop and took it home, immediately I took it with me for a meditation. We were lying down in bed, the piece of crystal on my chest. I could feel that something is inside the crystals. I really could feel the energies coming out saying hello to me. It was wonderful. after a couple of minutes I felt a great relief and a sense of comfort. My own energy mixed with the energy of the crystal and it calmed me down. Usually I felt nervous all the time, couldn't calm down, but this little piece of amethyst really helped me reliefe tension everywhere and just let go. I was amazed how quickly I felt different and got much deeper into meditation as ever before. After lying there for half an hour I felt so much refreshed and energized and relaxed like never before.

Since that day I got my first crystal I soon got some more. Now I am carrying a piece of gemstone in my pockets at all times. It just makes me feel more grounded and relaxed over all.

The energy in crystals and gemstones and diamonds are like vitamins for your metaphysical body. It increases the energy of your physical body if you keep carring it with you. It must be worn directly on your body to have a great effect. You can even get necklaces or wristbands or just put it in your pockets in your jeans that's what I usually do.

There are  mainly 7 colors of different crystals and stones. Usually the color of the stone refers to the chakra of your body. I.e. violet color, amethyst crystal, refers to crown chakra.

So my advice is to get a small gem stone or piece of crystal ASAP. You can get them already for as low as 5-6$ of ebay. You will be amazed what it can do for you. And remember stones are forever!