Blue Skies With White Stripes?

Connection between governments and kundalini activation

Have you ever wondered why over major cities the sky is usually whiteish grey instead of blue?

Well I grew up in a village and there we could always see the beautiful sky, see airplanes fly with little clouds overall. If you go to a major city nowadays it is usually covered in a thick grey layer of something that just seems to look like clouds but have not much to do with what we saw back in the days 10-20 years ago. Now nobody seems to remember what the skies used to look like they are just distracted with their smarthphone staring at the ground.

So now that we know some things are off. Let's find out why it is like that?

Start with another question. Did you know that our planet, earth or gaya, has female energy and the sun is a star and has male energy?

Have you heard of the kundalini energies inside your own body?

Have you noticed that everything in the universe has two opposites, left right, above below, positive, negative?

These are just some questions to open your mind. So now we know that we have different energy coming from the sun let's put all of these things together and find out what is going on.

You have energy inside of you that we usually refer to as the kundalini energy. It is a form of energy that is sentient that moves through your body. It is the real you inside, it moves through the body and also extends outward out of your body.

How do we activate the energy flow inside of your body?

Going out in the sun. But there is an ancient technique to follow to increase your energy and activate your pineal gland, the third eye, to see multidimensionally.

So the governments pourpose is to keep you in the unknown. That is why they developed spray mechanism with chemicals that they put on airplanes, and over major cities the planes spray what we would call chemtrails. If you look at a plane high up it shows a short condensation trail that disappears after a couple seconds. But if you look above major cities across the globe there is often a thick shiny layer of white stripes. And in the eveneing sometimes it even makes the sky look pretty pink.

So they are trying to block out sunlight and put all kinds of chemicals above our heads to damage the brain.

So now we are one step closer to awaken. What you can do is find a location where you can see the sunrise or sunset. To activate your true self, your kundalini energy, go outside just when the sun rises or 45 minutes before it sets.

Stand grounded barefoot connnected to the earth. That is really important, because it activates the magnetic connection between you and the planet.

Then be cautious! Start to look into the the sund with closed eyes first. Prepare your eyes to look directly into the sun first swipe your sight next to the sun. Then you can look directly into the sun with open eyes, but only until 45 minutes after the sun has risen or 45 minutes during the sun set the UV rays are not as strong and will not be harmful to your eyes. First you just need to look at the sun for 10 seconds. Then the next day 10 seconds + 10 seconds more for a total of 20 seconds. And gradually increase that everyday for 10 seconds.

This process can be continued until you are able to do it for a total of 45 minutes, but it takes a couple of weeks or month to work up to that. They say then your pineal gland is fully charged.

You will find out that you will get immense boost of energy, because you absorb the sunlight enery it flows through your pineal gland and flows through your body and connects to earth again. And thus an electrical and magnetic circle of positive and negative energies is closed. So now you are connected. That's why you need to be barefoot.

You will find out that you are less hungry, more energetic, need less sleep after doing this for a couple of times. That is what the governments try to keep you from doing to be happy and fulfilled.